What Is Slasher Worth In Mm2

What Is Slasher Worth In Mm2Well, according to the MM2 Value site, Nebula has a value of 45. [Slasher is worth a lot right now, the value is unknown. These items are usually bought from the in-game shop or collected by completing certain achievements. Phaser is a vintage gun that was released in Roblox MM2's precursor. slasher is 45, deathshard is 35-30, nightblade is only 30-25, so i think it would be a win if its both, but deathshard would be fairer than nightblade. The MM2 Value list includes all the prices of items that can be traded in the game. It is now only obtainable through trading as the event has since ended. The guard is black with three red specs, and the